Death and Taxes

Two things we can’t escape in life, death and taxes.

I will be filing taxes today and it just might kill me, but, alas, it must be done.   I keep going through paperwork and asking my husband, “Wasn’t there like 30k in home improvements or something that we did this year that we can use as a deductible?  Didn’t you put solar panels on the roof?”

“Hmm, no?” He looks at me strangely (he does this a lot).  The most work we’ve done on our house this year was fill in our in ground pool that had been a frog breeding ground for the past few years.  I swear, the sounds of frogs croaking still haunt my dreams.

“Dang it.”  So, looks like I’ll be going in with an air mattress so I can faint more comfortably.

I think that it should be funded by the government that if you’re going to be screwed, they should at least give a bottle of wine or a gift card to Olive Garden when we file our taxes.

Happy Saturday from Sunny Arkansas!


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