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Super Chick

Amber Polk full coverI love this cover!  Love it!  Sarah at Sprinkles on Top Studio was the super heroine on this cover!  After the last cover conundrum (read earlier post), I was extremely nervous about what to do.  I contacted Sarah and she made everything better!

Where are we now?  Waiting game.  My editor has Super Chick right now and as soon as I get it back it will be a mad dash to make corrections before the deadline.  I won’t lie, I’m a little nervous about time, but I will prevail!  I don’t really have a choice and not having a choice always lights a fire under me to do the impossible. 🙂

I had such a good time writing Megan and Drew’s story and I have no doubts you will enjoy it.

Oops, I did it again!

Okay, well, I did something bad this week.  Something I am ashamed to admit.  Something that makes me feel like a complete and total idiot. . . I accidentally deleted the file that contained the photo shoot for the Dynamic Divas series.  This file contained not only the originals, but also the edited photos and book covers for all three books. 😦

You see, I thought I was doing good (ha)!  I was procrastinating on writing and thought I really needed to combine files and delete files and photos I didn’t use or need any longer.  This is what happens when I don’t have clutter!  I lose things!  AND, before I realized I accidentally deleted the wrong file, I emptied the trash bin!  GAH!!!

I spoke to multiple computer people and tried a few things, but *sigh* the photos are gone! G.O.N.E. gone.

Thankfully, I have someone working on a new cover for Super Chick now and I think it’s going to be great!  She’s saving my rear end right now!

Any who!  I’ll be doing a re-unveiling of the cover of Super Chick sometime next week!

Stay tuned!  Oh, and always remember to back up your files.  Always……

The Day I Spent With Billie Letts

Last night I found out Billie Letts passed away last August.  My heart has been heavy since then.  I greatly respected and looked up to her.  She was a kind and soft spoken woman who gave me much needed confidence in October 2004.

That October, one of my favorite authors, Billie Letts, was coming to our college and I couldn’t have been more excited.

billieletts1Way back in 2004, I was in college.  I was not the traditional college student.  Being 25 at the time, I had been out of school for years, and a mother of four small children, and didn’t have the first clue of how much I still needed to learn.  I knew I wanted to be a writer and was going for my English degree, but had zero confidence in myself or my ability to write a piece of work another person would want to read.  I had to write though.  It was part of me and who I was and wanted to be.

Getting to meet an author in person was/is one of the most exciting things that could happen to me.  Meeting authors is like meeting celebrities.  She was my first and the one I will remember for the rest of my life.

That day, she was supposed to speak in the auditorium for any student that wanted to attend.  Wearing my best pair of wide-legged jeans and blue knit sweater, I sat in the waiting area as the crowd filed inside.  I sat on a bench, her books in my lap and my notebook gripped in my hands, ready to write any words of wisdom she could impart on me.  As the waiting area emptied, in walks Billie Letts.  She stands there for a minute, looking around, her eyes stopping on me.  I imagine I looked wide-eyed and scared to death.  Then, she did the unimaginable; she sat down next to me.

“You’re a writer aren’t you,” she asked as if she already knew the answer.

“I want to be,” I told her.

“Do you carry that notebook everywhere?” I nodded and she went on while my head spun.  “You don’t have to be published to be a writer.  If you’re published, you just become a published writer.  Keep writing and one day you’ll get there.”

I don’t remember what else we talked about, but I do remember taking many notes and talking until one of the people in charge came and told her she had to get inside.  I beamed.  Seriously, beamed that Billie Letts let time get away from her while talking to me.  Me, a small town nobody with little education and big dreams.

She spoke her magical words and made us all laugh before signing our books.  By the time it was my turn to have my books signed I had pulled myself together and asked her what ever happened to the paintings in the book Shoot The Moon.  She smiled and said I was the first person to ever ask that and it was supposed to be answered in the book, but she forgot.  She asked if I was going to the dinner later that night and I smiled and said yes.  (I bought my ticket as soon as I could)

I kid you not, when I left there, I went to get my hair done (see picture above) and wore a suit.  A suit.  A really ugly brown suit.  I didn’t know how to act.  I was on cloud nine!  My then husband and I showed up about an hour early since I would have died if we were late.  I went upstairs and waited for my then husband to come up.  When he walked through the door my jaw might have fallen to the floor.  He was carrying a box and walking with none other than Billie Letts herself.  He hadn’t realized who she was and she had no clue who he was, but when she smiled at me I knew she figured it out.  She spoke to both of us, laughing that she meet up with me again.

I will never forget that night and how it felt to be told by a published writer that I was already a writer.  I will never forget the kindness she showed me when I felt like I would never climb the Mount Everest of education, motherhood, and author.  She signed one of my books, “We’re becoming old friends fast.”  I had all of her books signed with something that we discussed that day.  Those books were in a box that was left in Tennessee (really long story).  I have tried so many times to get the books back and maybe someday I will, but I’ll always have the memories of meeting one of the greats in literature.

Thank you Billie Letts for all that you did for me.

What was I going to say?

Anyone else have memory problems?  Like for real… My memory is shit.  I forget what I’m saying in the middle of a sentence or just stop talking and not realize it.

I am told constantly that I need to keep a calendar, but I forget to put things in the calendar.  My closest friends know that if I have promised to go somewhere or do something, they are to remind me a two weeks out, then one week out, then repeatedly throughout the week.

I don’t know how many times I’ve overbooked a day, showed up late/early, or forgotten about an event entirely.   I have items in my house that I have boxed and ready to mail from over a year ago because I keep forgetting to take them to the post office!  (Sorry RaeAnn, everyone from my Christmas mailing list, and Liz)  I promise, one day I will make it to the post office.  It may be Halloween and you get a card with a snowman on it with a two year old family newsletter in it, but hey, I tried.

I blame this on two things, my lack of an assistant (my husband says we can’t afford one) and my crazy busy life.  I work, a lot.  I have multiple children that I’m continuously want to do things like eat home-cooked meals and have clean clothes (they’re needy).  I write. I write every single day.  When I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing (and Sweet Bay Coffee’s Sugar Daddy’s).

So, if anyone wants to be a free assistant, please let me know and if I don’t answer, ask again because more than likely, I forgot to reply! 🙂

Life is Super (cheesy, I know)

SuperChick Cover2 copyresizeThis book is almost SEVEN years in the making!  Let me repeat that.  SEVEN YEARS!!  I wrote Super Chick the year my now husband and I started dating(There might be a shower scene that started the concept of the book and the need for super powers).  It only took me a few months to write it and in those short months I fell in love with the Megan and Drew and the town of Hope, Oklahoma.

Shortly after finishing the book, life happened and I had to stop serious writing for a while (I never stopped writing idea and outlines), but not long ago I was going through files and found Super Chick and read it.  I laughed the entire time.  I had forgotten how much I loved the story!  So, I decided it was time to share them with the world.  I rewrote the story from beginning to end–adding a few things in as I went.  I’m more than happy with the end result.

Super Chick is quirky (can you imagine that with that kind of title….) and a romantic comedy.  There are super powers.  How can a story not be enjoyable with super powers?  It just can’t.  It’s impossible.

That being said, you won’t have to wait long to read Super Chick! YAY!!  Release it scheduled for July 2015.  I don’t have a firm date on which day in July, but it will be July!

I just wrote, “The End” on Super Chick for the second time so I’m going to leave you now for a glass of wine and a cupcake.  Hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as I am!

PS.  Leave a comment telling me what super power you would want if you could have only one.